TevaSphere outdoor trainer

Model : TevaSphere 
Weight : Approx: 9.45 ozTevaSphere web small
Cushion : Low
Toe Box Room : Better than average
Zero Drop : No
Heel to toe drop : 4 mm
Control : Neutral
Manufacturer : Teva
Purchased : Yes via Woot

Test Surface : Road and Trail
Miles : 
Not tracked
Tasty?  Nice shoe, just not enough cushion for my taste. This is a low drop trail shoe with some nice features (spherical heel and support pods), to help keep your run stable under various outdoor conditions.  While I like the shoe in general I have never been able to pile on the miles, its minimalist design is just to minimalist for my personal taste, but that said I still do light interval runs and bike in the shoe. It makes for a nice versatile trail shoe, so it remains in my rotation for specific activities.
Please note: The lock laces in the picture are not standard and were added later.

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