Hydration Running Belt By Camden Gear

Camden Hydration Belt web smallModel : Hydration Running Belt
Weight : Approx: 0.7 kg
Dimensions :  46 x 5 x 1 cm
Overall : Light weight and comfortable
Manufacturer : Camden Gear
Purchased : Yes via Amazon

Test Conditions : Road and Trail
Miles :
10+ miles
Tasty?  A good value based on cost and functionality. This is a running belt with two 6oz hydration bottles.  The pocket is big enough to hold a cell phone and a credit card. If I removed my car key or my house key from the key ring, I could also squeeze that in as well.  The belt works and it got me through several runs, that said I have switched to an Amphipod for my long runs because of its versatile. For example, the bottles on the Camden belt are little hard to return to their holsters at a full trot, and there is no good place to hang gel packets from the belt,  I experimented with packing some gels next the water bottles in the holsters with the elastic to help hold them in place, but the reality is that I lost one during my run.  I like it, but its really for a more casual run and that does fit many people’s needs. I consider this a good buy for that purpose.

Second Opinion: From Tales of the working Mom