Xloop Metal Rimless Sports Run Triathlon Sunglasses

Model : Xloop Metal Rimless Sports Run Triathlon Sunglasses 2326 Blue XLoop Sunglasses Web Small
Model:  Xloop Rimless Red Gafas De Sol Mirror Triathlon Running Cycling Sunglasses

Weight : Less than 1 oz  (0.8 ounces)
Dimensions :  
7.1 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches
Manufacturer : Xloop
Purchased : Yes via Amazon (As pictured)

Features as pictured:

  • Lens: Blue- Reduces glare, commonly used in outdoor applications.
  • Frame: Rimless
  • Compliance: Exceeds 86/686/EEC-EN1836-1997 Impact Resistance.

Test Conditions : Road and Trail
Miles :
Over 100 miles on the Red Gafas De Sol
Tasty?  Good for the price point. The Xloops typically sell for around $10.00 and my Red Gafas De Sol lasted me around a year. The lens finally broke away from the small bolt holding the lens to the nose piece, but until then they remained a consistent piece of gear on most of my runs, especially evening trail runs that required some eye protection from the sun and elements. The lens was dark enough, but not too dark. For very bright sunny days, I did switch to sunglasses from Optic Nerve which I will review at another time. Bottom line for $10.00 these things served me well and I have another pair (The blue ones pictured), waiting in reserve.

Second Opinion: From Amazon Customer Reviews