Reebok ATV19

Model :  Reebok ATV19Reebok ATV 19 web small
Weight :  Approx: 11 oz
Cushion : Medium
Toe Box Room : Narrow
Zero Drop : No
Heel to toe drop : Not published
Control : Multi-layer midfoot overlays 
Manufacturer : Reebok (Current version)
Purchased : Yes via Reebok Retail Store

Test Surface : Trail and Treadmill
Miles : 
27.6 (~3 miles on Treadmill)
Tasty?  Its a fun shoe, but not perfect. I purchased this shoe to wear while running a long trail that dishes up soft, to hard, to rocky terrain, and back again. The trail is relatively flat, with a few hills and grades mixed in just to spice things up. And while the ATV19 out performed my Altra Torin’s on the rocky terrain they performed the same or worse over the long haul. In fact I experienced blisters on one or both feet after every run except one. To put that in perspective, I have never ever ended a run with any blisters in the Altra Torin’s.  My non-blister run was a short 3 miler. They are also heavy at 11oz, and after running in lighter shoes for long periods its noticeable. All of that said, I have to be honest and tell you I took these out on a rainy day through a muddy trail run and they were just plain fun. I stayed in place on the trail and hammered the ground with boyish pleasure. So they remain in my rotation for the moment as a fun trail shoe, but I am also prepping to do some trail runs in a pair of Altra Lone Peak 2.0.

Second opinion :  Review by Blond Ponytail