Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Hydration Belt

Model : Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Hydration BeltAmphipod Hydration Belt web small
Overall : Light weight and comfortable
Manufacturer : Amphipod
Purchased : Yes via local REI store

Test Conditions : Trail
Miles :
18+ miles
Tasty?  Excellent. The Amphipod has become my go to hydration belt for long runs, and by that I mean anything at six miles or more. Since I am my own trail support at the 6 mile mark I have a hydration and nutrition plan that starts at 3 miles. The Amphipod lets me carry water and gels with no issues and the water bottles snap in and out even at a good pace.  The other cool thing about the Amphipod is that you can add pockets or bottles based on your needs.  I have done just that, adding another pocket to haul my cell phone and using the rear pocket for gels and trash.  If you’re looking for a good solid hydration belt that can adapt as your needs change, I highly recommend the Amphipod.

Second Opinion: From The Running Duo