Feels like a Patellar issue, but might be the IT Band – Does not matter Pro-tec is awesome!

Model : Pro-Tec Athletics Knee Patellar Tendon Strap Petla Band web small
Overall :  Highly usable / effective
Manufacturer : Pro-tec Athletics
Purchased : Yes via Amazon

Test Conditions : Road / Trail / Treadmill
Miles :
100+ miles 
Tasty?  Excellent.  Running more than three miles results in knee pain for me. My solution to date has been to use a Patellar Tendon strap and it works.  In fact this model from Pro-Tec is awesome: Its simple to line up and put on. I have tried others with more complicated straps or tightening mechanisms, but sometimes simple is better.  Now – let me just add something here. While the Patellar band seems to work, I have never bothered to actually see a doctor and I suspect it may actually be an IT band issue, and to that point I do have an IT Band strap on order to experiment with, and Competitor.com has a great article on some exercises to try – I am going to do both.  I will post my final results once I have completed my trials runs and comparisons of results.   But please don’t consider any of this medical advice.  🙂

Second Opinion: From Amazon Customers.