Road ID Sport (Wrist ID)

Model : Road ID SportRoad ID web small
Overall :  Effective / Excellent
Manufacturer : Road ID
Purchased : Yes via Road ID

Test Conditions : Road / Trail


  • The Wrist ID Sport is a comfortable bracelet ID that includes two 3M reflective strips and a Velcro closure. Laser engraved peace of mind in a stylish and durable form. Easy to wash and interchangeable with the Shoe ID.
    Weight 0.1 ounce (3g)
    Material Laser Engraved, Satin Polished, Surgical Quality Stainless Steel
    Interchangeable Yes, the ID tag on the Wrist ID Sport can be easily transferred to the Ankle Band, Shoe Strap or Shoe Pouch.
    Dimensions 0.75″ X 1.5″ (19mm x 38mm)

    Miles : 
    ~150 miles 
    Tasty?  Yes – Excellent. I tried a different brand before turning to the Road ID, and let me tell you the Road ID is the Wrist ID to wear. Its solid, light weight, and DURABLE.  I put it on for every run or bike ride, and it has yet to show any wear.  The printing on the other brand smudged and became unreadable in roughly thirty days.  In addition, The Road ID website is also excellent and clearly works hard to protect your identity while still allowing emergency personal access to your data when needed.

Second Opinion: From the gadgeteer