Altra Olympus

Model :  Altra OlympusAltra Olympus web small
Weight :  Approx: 10 oz  (Size 9)
Cushion : Max
Stack Height : 36 mm
Toe Box Room : Roomy
Zero Drop : Yes
Heel to toe drop : 0 mm
Control : Neutral
Manufacturer : Altra
Purchased : Yes via Running Warehouse

Test Surface : Road, Trail, and Treadmill
Miles : 
Tasty?  Something about my foot mechanics make this shoe not work for me. I love the Altra Torin and really fully expected just a more cushy version of the ride. But the cushioning on the Olympus seems to drop off steeply right at the mid-foot to forefoot transition point and that seems to be right were my foot lands. The resulting incline of cushion creates an uncomfortable run for me.  As a result I have removed the Olympus from my rotation, but I love the Torins so much, I plan on experimenting with more Altra shoes in the future.

Second opinion :  Review by The Ginger Runner

Altra Torin (The Original)

Altra Torin Web SmallModel : Altra Torin
Weight : Approx: 10.2 oz (Size 9)
Cushion :
Stack Height : 27 mm
Toe Box Room : Roomy
Zero Drop : Yes
Heel to toe drop : 0 mm
Control : Neutral
Manufacturer : Altra 
Purchased : Yes via Leftlane Sports

Test Surface : Road, Trail, Treadmill
Miles :
Tasty?  Yes! This has become my go to shoe and remains in my rotation. In fact I don’t see this shoe leaving my rotation any time soon. I have ran on road, trail, and treadmill and it has performed well every time. The roomy toe box and cushioning keeps bringing me back to this shoe, especially for recovery runs. If your new to Zero Drop shoes you may need to start with some shorter runs to adjust, but otherwise a great shoe. I have also been experimenting with the Altra Olympus, but I keep coming back this one. Altra has a newer model out and I fully plan to end up with another pair when these wear out.

Second opinion : Check out the Ginger Runner’s review.