Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Hydration Belt

Model : Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Hydration BeltAmphipod Hydration Belt web small
Overall : Light weight and comfortable
Manufacturer : Amphipod
Purchased : Yes via local REI store

Test Conditions : Trail
Miles :
18+ miles
Tasty?  Excellent. The Amphipod has become my go to hydration belt for long runs, and by that I mean anything at six miles or more. Since I am my own trail support at the 6 mile mark I have a hydration and nutrition plan that starts at 3 miles. The Amphipod lets me carry water and gels with no issues and the water bottles snap in and out even at a good pace.  The other cool thing about the Amphipod is that you can add pockets or bottles based on your needs.  I have done just that, adding another pocket to haul my cell phone and using the rear pocket for gels and trash.  If you’re looking for a good solid hydration belt that can adapt as your needs change, I highly recommend the Amphipod.

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Salomon Agile 7 Hydration Pack

Model : Salomon Agile 7Salomon Agile 7 web small
Weight : Approx: 10 oz
Dimensions :  44 x 21 x 12 cm
Overall : Light weight and comfortable
Manufacturer : Salomon
Purchased : Yes via Leftlane Sports

Test Conditions : Trail
Miles :
10+ miles
Tasty?  This has proven to be a nice asset for our low speed interval work and speed hiking. Its strong, light weight, and has nice storage pockets and straps. In fact it has two pockets on the outside that hold water bottles perfectly. Each pocket features an elastic strap that can be adjusted to lock bottles in place. Lots of options for attaching gear.

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Hydration Running Belt By Camden Gear

Camden Hydration Belt web smallModel : Hydration Running Belt
Weight : Approx: 0.7 kg
Dimensions :  46 x 5 x 1 cm
Overall : Light weight and comfortable
Manufacturer : Camden Gear
Purchased : Yes via Amazon

Test Conditions : Road and Trail
Miles :
10+ miles
Tasty?  A good value based on cost and functionality. This is a running belt with two 6oz hydration bottles.  The pocket is big enough to hold a cell phone and a credit card. If I removed my car key or my house key from the key ring, I could also squeeze that in as well.  The belt works and it got me through several runs, that said I have switched to an Amphipod for my long runs because of its versatile. For example, the bottles on the Camden belt are little hard to return to their holsters at a full trot, and there is no good place to hang gel packets from the belt,  I experimented with packing some gels next the water bottles in the holsters with the elastic to help hold them in place, but the reality is that I lost one during my run.  I like it, but its really for a more casual run and that does fit many people’s needs. I consider this a good buy for that purpose.

Second Opinion: From Tales of the working Mom