This site is about Running and Running Shoes, and really anything Running related, but primarily Running Shoes.

I myself have been running off and on for about the last four years. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This year and last I made a concerted effort to increase my miles and improve my ability to run for and fast.  In that endeavor I was reminded just how much I am a geek, a geek who loves gear and in this case running gear. So dear reader I thought I would use this blog to attempt to share some of my experiences with Running Shoes and other gear.

Now all that said, I am not a literary or grammatical genius. I will do my best to keep my post readable and coherent, but all comments about my writing skills and grammar will be summarily ignored. In addition, any comment I deem to be a troll like comment will be deleted.

Other than that – please enjoy and share your stories and experiences as well.  🙂

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